Mini Pakete

Mini packages standard … 60 Euro

  • 1 page – design after pattern
  • addresse
  • Inhalt
    • 2 chapters text on your company and your offer (general textlimit 1/2 normpage)
    • Price list of products or services
    • Contact informationen
      • Addresse + reference to an internet map
      • telephon, fax
      • E-mail, web
      • Persons
    • Opening hours
    • Online contactfor forwarded to an e-mail account or mobile phone
    • logo+foto or 2x foto
  • 3x e-mail account (we recomment a combination with the own domain)
  • Registration at google
  • Coloured graphical statistics on visits
  • 1. year operation for free!
Prices for domain names:
+ 7 Euro/year for
+ 14 Euro/year for
(oder .com, .net, .org, .ws)
+ 14 Euro/year for www.yourcompany.your country code
Operation of the mini package standard in the 2. and following years … 33 Euro

Mini package original ... 130 Euro

  • Includes the same as mini package standar, and additionally:
  • Professional excitin design
  • up to 4 fotographs or one collage (if you want less pictures, we can allow a discount)
  • Already includes the domain
  • 1. year operation for free!
+ 30 Euro for every additional page (incl. 1 fotograph)
Operation of the Mini package originalin the 2. and following years ... 40 Euro

More increments
+ 3 Euro/ month for the forward of received order on fax or spoken on telephone (suitable, if you don't want to have daily e-mail)
+ 33 Kc/year for the possibility to update your content (contact information, addresse, opening hours), up to 5 h

We reserve to us changes of prices. If you make an order with a printed price list up to two weeks after the change, we will allow a discount.

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